What Those Eye “Floaters” Are Really Trying to Tell You

Take a look at a clear blue sky and you’ll likely see specks floating around within your line of sight. These “floaters” are very common and are typically remnants of protein strings suspended in your vitreous humor. Normally, these aren’t harmful. However, when they suddenly appear or increase in number, they could be a sign of an underlying vision problem. The first step you want to take when you notice an unusually high amount of floaters in your eyesight is to have an eye exam with a professional.

Let our doctors at Northview Eye Care show you a few common signs of trouble these floaters may be warning you about.

Increased Floaters

When the vitreous humor in your eye shrinks, it could pull back at your retinal wall, releasing additional specks in your vision. This is known as posterior vitreous detachment, which is typically harmless and does not warrant the use of corrective glasses or contact lenses. However, in some rare cases (about one in six), fluids can leak through the retinal wall and slowly cause the retina to separate from the tissues behind it. When this happens, the gradual stress can slowly tear away at your retinas and, ultimately, lead to vision loss.

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment

There are three main symptoms that could mean problems with your retina. One is a marked increase in the number of floaters you see in your vision. As the retina is slowly torn away from its protective tissue, you’ll notice a gradual loss of vision as if a curtain is being drawn closed in front of your eyes. Lastly, you’ll also see a drop in your ability to focus at the center of your eyesight.

Don’t let retinal detachment take your vision away. Let our optometry specialists at Northview Eye Care provide you with the best treatments available for this preventable condition. Give us a call at (616) 202-1095 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment today. We serve Grand Rapids, MI.