Healthy Contact Lens Habits for Healthy Eyes

August 19th through 23rd is Contact Lens Health Week. It was organized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to promote healthy habits among people who wear contact lenses to reduce the likelihood of eye infections. It all starts with proper lens care and maintenance, and that involves cleaning, storing and replacing them the right way.

Northview Eye Care, your local eye care service center, provides tips on making sure your eyes stay healthy when you wear these corrective devices.

Wearing Habits to Keep in Mind

Before touching your contacts, don’t forget to wash your hands using soap that is free of oils, lotions or perfumes. Use a lint-free towel for drying. Also, unless your doctor tells you otherwise, never sleep with your contacts in. Studies have shown that doing so increases the chance of an eye infection by 6 to 8 times. Remove them before you doze off, take a shower, swim or use a hot tub.

Cleansing, Storage and Replacement

For healthy eyes, be sure to follow the instructions of your eye doctor, especially when it comes to cleaning, storing and disposing of contacts. Don’t use water or even spit to rub and rinse them—use the recommended solution instead. Once dried, store them inside your clean case and fill with fresh disinfecting solution; don’t top the old with the new. Don’t wear contacts and use the case for longer than recommended.

Appointments With Your Doctor

Of course, don’t forget to visit your local eye care center once a year or more often if needed. Take the opportunity to have a pair of eyeglasses done, too—it will serve as a backup should you need to take out contacts for an unexpected late night. More importantly, call your doctor if you experience blurred vision or pain and redness in your eyes.

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