4 Eye Problem Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Symptoms of serious eye problems are not always recognizable for what they are, and tend to be dismissed until obvious signs such as spotted or blurry vision are evident. In this blog, Northview Eye Care shares symptoms of eye problems that you shouldn’t ignore, and instead schedule an eye exam as soon as possible.

  1. Floaters and Flashes of Light — The vitreous body is the rear part of the human eye that contains fluid, which resembles egg white. They develop what is known as “floaters,” or those squiggly objects that you see moving at the corner of your eye. If you see a sudden increase of these floaters, which are sometimes accompanied by flashes of light, they’re symptoms of a damaged retina.

  1. Burning Sensation — If you feel a burning sensation in your eyes accompanied by pain, it’s very likely that you’re suffering from an eye infection or inflammation. You may be tempted to rub or scratch your eyes; we recommend strongly against it, especially if there is swelling. Most types of bacteria stop reproducing at 102 degrees and dies at 120 degrees, so placing a hot compress over the eye helps slow down the infection. Allow the inflammation to drain on its own. See an eye doctor about getting eye drops to help soothe the infected area.

  1. Persistently Irritated Eyes — Eye irritation is caused by one or more external factors: low humidity, irritants (such as freshly-chopped onions) or an allergic reaction. These can be remedied by adjusting relative indoor humidity levels, reducing exposure to irritants, or taking antihistamines. Persistently dry eyes, even without apparent external causes, indicate a problem with the tear glands. See an ophthalmologist about checking your eyes for tear production, and recommendations on a course of treatment.

  1. New Mole or Freckle in the Eye — If you regularly inspect your eyes at the bathroom mirror, you’d easily notice if a new mole or freckle would appear. While you won’t feel pain or discomfort, you should nevertheless have your eyes evaluated by an eye doctor.

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