Why Children Should Spend Less Time Using Digital Devices

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that children under age five should use a digital devices less and instead spend more time on physical activities. Children who spend more time on their screens are at risk of needing to see an eye doctor sooner than expected. In this blog, Northview Eye Care shares a look […]

Why Wearing Contact Lenses While Swimming Is a Bad Idea

Losing your contact lenses is the least of your problems if you wear them while at the pool. Northview Eye Care takes a closer look at why wearing contact lenses while swimming is a bad idea.

Photochromic Lenses Vs. Prescription Sunglasses

Photochromic lenses and prescription sunglasses have made it much easier for people who can’t wear contact lenses and must wear prescription eyeglasses. In this blog, Northview Eye Care shares an overview of these two options and which is right for you.

What Those Eye “Floaters” Are Really Trying to Tell You

Take a look at a clear blue sky and you’ll likely see specks floating around within your line of sight. These “floaters” are very common and are typically remnants of protein strings suspended in your vitreous humor. Normally, these aren’t harmful. However, when they suddenly appear or increase in number, they could be a sign […]

Common Eye Allergy Symptoms and Treatment

Getting something caught in your eye is a drag. The irritation can cause your eyes to itch, redden and tear up excessively, which can also make matters worse. If you notice an increase in these occurrences, then you may be dealing with an eye allergy. While the symptoms may be similar, the treatments are wildly […]